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Nano-Enabled Drug Delivery Research: A Scientometric Assessment of Indian Publications during 1995-2018

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Pharmaceutical Methods,2019,10,1,xx-xx.
Published:March 2019
Type:Research Article

Nano-Enabled Drug Delivery Research: A Scientometric Assessment of Indian Publications during 1995-2018

K.K. Mueen Ahmed1,*, B.M. Gupta2

1Phcog.Net #17, II Floor, Buddha Vihar Road, Cox Town, Bengaluru ‑ 560 005, Karnataka, INDIA.

2Formerly with CSIR- National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (CSIR-NISTADS), New Delhi- 110012, INDIA.


A quantitative and qualitative description of nano-enabled drug delivery research in India is presented here based on measures like growth rate, global publications share, share of international collaborative papers, citations per paper and highly cited papers. Examines India’s research output on nanoenabled drug delivery on a series of bibliometric indicators. India published a total of 5897 publications in 24 years during 1995-2018 registering an average annual growth rate of 42.99%, citation impact of 22.90 citations per paper, global publication share of 11.11% and international collaborative publication share of 20.35%. Profiles global publication output and share of top 10 most productive countries in nano-enabled drug delivery research, 20 most productive Indian organizations and 20 most productive Indian authors on a series of indicators including publications output, number of citations, the relative citation index, citations per paper, h-index and share of international collaborative papers during 1995-18. Describes the scattering of research output of India across source journals and distribution of research by subject areas that intersect with nano-enabled drug delivery research. Suggest the need for India to develop specific plans of action and ensure its implementation at national level and also prioritize national goals for nano-enabled drug delivery research.

Subject-Wise Breakup of India’s Publications on Nano-enabled Drug Delivery Research during 1995-2018