A validated high-performance thin layer chromatography method for estimation of lornoxicam and paracetamol in their combined tablet dosage form


Author(s): Sanjay L. Borisagar, H. U. Patel, C. N. Patel, and Ujjawal P. Jayswal

Introduction: Lornoxicam (LORN) a nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug of oxicam class is marketed in combination with Paracetamol, a common analgesic for acute inflammatory disease of joints. Materials and Methods: LORN and Paracetamol (PCM) were estimated at 280 nm by densitometry using silica gel 60 F254 as stationary phase and a premix of toluene: chloroform: methanol: formic acid (3:5:1.5:0.2 v/v/v/v) as mobile phase. The method was found linear in a range of 160–560 nanograms/spot for LORN and 10 000–35 000 nanograms/spot for PCM with a correlation coefficient >0.99 for both. Result: PCM and LORN were well resolved with Rf 0.57 ± 0.02 and 0.75 ± 0.02, respectively. Conclusions: The developed high-performance thin layer chromatography method was found to be simple, specific, precise, and reproducible and can be used for the routine estimation of LORN and PCM in the combined tablet dosage form, available in market