Application of UV spectrophotometric method for easy and rapid estimation of lafutidine in bulk and pharmaceutical formulation


Author(s): Kiran Jadhav, Dinesh Dhamecha, Amol Tate, Harshad Tambe, and Mrityunjaya B. Patil

Introduction: The present research work discusses the development of a UV estimation method for lafutidine. Simple, accurate, cost e?cient, and reproducible spectrophotometric method has been developed for the estimation of Lafutidine in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form. Materials and Methods: The Stock solution was  prepared in a mixture    of water and methanol (1:1). Further dilutions were made in water. Results: The drug was determined at maximum wavelength (hmax) 279 nm. Beers law  was  obeyed  in the concentration range of 10–50 µg/ml having line equation y = 0.0100x + 0.035 with correlation coe?cient of 0.999. Results of the analysis were validated statistically and by recovery study. Conclusion: The result of analysis was validated as per ICH guidelines and this method can be used for the routine analysis of lafutidine formulation.