Economical spectrophotometric method for estimation of zaltoprofen in pharmaceutical formulations


Author(s): Kiran B. Aher, Girija B. Bhavar, Hemant P. Joshi, and Sanjay R. Chaudhari

Aim: A simple, rapid, precise, and economical spectrophotometric method has been developed for quantitative analysis of zaltoprofen (ZLT) in pharmaceutical formulations. Materials and Methods: A mixture of methanol and water was used as a solvent. Initial stock solution of ZLT was prepared in methanol and subsequent dilution was done in water. The standard solution of ZLT in water showed two absorption maxima, one at 243.5 nm and another at 338.0 nm. Results: The drug obeyed Beer–Lambert’s law in the concentration range of 1–40 μg/mL with regression 0.9999 at 243.5 nm and 5–100 μg/ mL with regression 0.9999 at 338.0 nm. The overall % recovery was found to be 99.53% and 99.77% at 243.5 nm and 338.0 nm, respectively, which reflect that the method is free from interference of the impurities and other additives used in tablet formulation. Relative standard deviations of absorbance from six measurements were always less than 2%. Conclusions: The results of analysis have been validated as per ICH guidelines. Both the wavelengths can be adopted in routine analysis of ZLT in tablet dosage form.