HPTLC Method Development and Validation of Cilnidipine and Metoprolol Succinate in Combined Dosage Form


Author(s): Dhwani Desai, Nirmal Vashi, Hitesh Dalvadi, Shuchi Desai, and Madhuri Hinge

Introduction and Objectives: The present work involves development and validation of HPTLC method for simultaneous estimation of Cilnidipine and Metoprolol Succinate in their combined tablet dosage form. Method: In HPTLC method, Silica Gel G60 F254 TLC plate as the stationary phase and a mobile phase of Toluene: Chloroform: Methanol: Glacial acetic acid (45: 25: 25: 5 v/v/v/v) was used to resolve CIL and METO. CIL and METO were quantified at 231 nm. The proposed method weas validated according to International Conference on Harmonization. Result and Discussion: Two well-separated and sharp peak for CIL and METO were obtained at Rf values of 0.70 ± 0.01 and 0.34 ± 0.005 respectively. The linearity range obtained for HPTLC method were 100-500 ng/spot and 500-2500 ng/spot for CIL and METO respectively. Conclusion: Method validation was found to be accurate, specific and precise.The developed method was successfully applied for estimation of CIL and METO in combined tablet formulation.

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