New spectrophotometric estimation of indomethacin capsules with niacinamide as hydrotropic solubilizing agent


Author(s): R. K. Maheshwari, Amit Rathore, Archana Agrawal, and Megha A. Gupta

Background: Hydrotropic solubilization process involves cooperative intermolecular interaction with several balancing molecular forces, rather than either a specific complexation event or a process dominated by a medium effect, such as co-solvency or salting-in. Materials and Methods: In the present investigation, hydrotropic solution of 2 M niacinamide was employed as the solubilizing agent to solubilize the poorly water-soluble drug, indomethacin, from the capsule dosage form for spectrophotometric determination in ultraviolet region. Results: Hydrotropic agent used did not interfere in the spectrophotometric analysis. In preliminary solubility studies, it was found that there was more than fivefold enhancement in the aqueous solubility of indomethacin (poorly water-soluble drug) in 2 M niacinamide solution as compared to its aqueous solubility at 28 ± 1°C. Conclusion: The proposed method is new, simple, safe, environmentally friendly, economic, accurate and cost-effective and can be successfully employed in routine analysis.

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