Spectrophotometric estimation of solifenacin succinate in tablet formulations


Author(s): Lokesh Singh, and Sanju Nanda

Aim: The aim of this study is to develop a simple, sensitive, rapid, accurate, and precise spectrophotometric method for the estimation of solifenacin succinate in tablet dosage forms. Materials and Methods: For methods I and II, in a series of 10 ml volumetric flasks, aliquots of standard drug solution (100 μg/ml) in double distilled water were transferred and diluted with the same so as to give several dilutions in the concentration ranges of 10 – 60 μg/ml and 10 – 60 μg/ml, respectively, of solifenacin succinate. To 5 ml of each dilution taken in a separating funnel, (5 ml of bromo thymol blue for method I and 5 ml of bromo phenol blue for method II) reagent and 5 ml of chloroform were added. The reaction mixture was shaken gently for five minutes and allowed to stand so as to separate the aqueous and chloroform layers. The absorbance maxima were measured at 415.6 nm and 412 nm for methods I and II, respectively. Results: The recovery studies were found close to 100%, which indicates the accuracy and precision of the proposed methods. Statistical analysis was carried out, the results of which were found to be satisfactory. Standard deviation values were found to be low and that indicated the reproducibility of the proposed methods. Conclusion: The results indicated that both methods could be used for the routine estimation of solifenacin succinate from tablet formulations.